Come on down (er, up)

Next CES: July 14 (Saturday, as always) 6-8pm.  See you then.

(And see you again August 18, if you want to put that on your calendar now too.)

If you have a minute, we've got minutes!

June 2 Chance Encounter Soiree

Wow, that was fun!
For those of you who were with us Saturday night, thanks for coming out.
For those of you who weren't able to make it, here is a very poor substitute for what you missed.

  • Next meetings scheduled for July 14 and August 18
  • Door prizes for everyone!
  • The world's best salad dressing. Really.
  • Chimichurri tofu (and chimichurri dip, and chimichurri other stuff)
  • Frank leading a gratitude excercise (the website is now live at, so those who attended can put those cards in the mail)
  • Mark discussing the Other Possibilities Network and recent interviews, online at
  • Bridget opening up a conversation on how might work in the 828 (check it out and send her your thoughts)
  • Did we mention door prizes for everyone?
  • Don't forget: next meetings scheduled for July 14 and August 18.


  • Learn from our experiences and from each other (debriefing)
  • Be truthful of our intentions
  • Know that misunderstandings are not stopping points
  • Practice active listening
  • Listen carefully and respond honestly
  • Voice concerns before going home
  • Participate at each individual's level of comfort (flexibility)
  • Offer each other critical support
  • Hold awareness of the silver lining:  there is an innate "rightness" with things as they are
  • Value the process as well as the outer product
  • Be willing to let go of control
  • Be fearless - be willing to fail
  • Work toward the greater good
  • Practice nonviolent communication
  • We love half-baked ideas!